Bespoke expressions in stone

As we gained experience finishing stone surfaces, we learnt to understand and value our customers. Each customer is unique and your requirements are specific. You value quality and time, we understand that. And that’s why we have created a Standard Operating Procedure for client interaction.


As a first step, give us a call or email us your work specification, choice of stone, colour and surface finish. Our estimation team will work on it immediately and revert with an accurate estimate of cost, manufacturing and installation time.


Once you have received our estimates, we will schedule a site visit for templating. This is a crucial step which requires customer presence at site as we go over and agree on the details of overhang, profile, joints, etc.

Precautions prior to templating

Prior to commencing templating, the customer must ensure that that all related furniture has been fixed completely, flat and level. This is a prerequisite, as once templating is complete, we will not be liable for any problems caused on account of alteration or addition to furniture.

All over mount or under mount sinks must be placed on site. Belfast or Porcelain sinks must be in position before we commence the template.

All electric or gas hobs must be on site and if fixed temporarily, they need to be disconnected before commencing the template. They must remain disconnected after completion of template.

All walls around the worktops must be finished prior to templating. We do not take responsibility of any alteration to wall tile or plastering post template.

Marble & Granite Surfaces does not undertake any plumbing, gas, electric or carpentry work and these remain customer responsibility.

Completion report

Once our team has completed the fitting as per customer specification and request, a Work Completion Report is signed by the customer or a representative confirming completion of work to customer satisfaction.

Serving with a smile; handling it with care

Being specialist stone masons, we have built our reputation for skill and craftsmanship that is backed by professional work ethic.

We now offer our services and would love to hear from you.

A good starting point would be to contact us today and our Customer Response Executive will revert immediately